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About TheAssGirl

The perfect Man

Shut Up And Screw Me.

What’s the deal with this pic? This represents my ideal man..Naked and not talking. Just trying to give you a sneak peak into what you are getting into. This started a couple years ago with making boyshorts for fun, for concerts/big events. As time went on, the more I became recognized and asked, “What does your ass say this week?”.  Eventually, while drinking, phrases popped out of my mouth that were too lengthy to fit on boyshorts so I had to add tank tops. It has snowballed! At the Aerosmith concert, walking in the parking lot and a car pulled up next to us and said, “Hey, you’re the ass girl!”. Voila!

My goals for the future.. simple really.  Be able to afford a vacation with my kids once a year, a sitter once in awhile for a “break!”, to be able to pay cash for a 6 pack that’s all really.  OH WAIT and figure out a way to get passes for hockey, xgames, skateboarding, supercross, ok anything on wheels! and concerts. I’m a bit of a concert whore.  Please don’t take any of my phrases personally. I have a demented sense of humor. I love to have a good time and when life isn’t as much fun as I’d like…I do things to entertain myself.  Nothing dangerous but always amusing. Feel free in the meantime to check out my facebook Diana Simon, facebook TheAssGirl, twitter TheAssGirl and NEWLY ADDED

Pretty much everything you read on my ass (and boobs) is for sale on this site so take a look! I tend to stick to 100% cotton because it is most comfortable and I make every item myself..with love! Personally! For You! The ideal gift for anyone who means anything to you in your life! Actually even for the ones who don’t!
Tips are always welcome (as well as beer)
All products USDA Grade
Registered with Bubba’s Better Business Bureau
No animals were injured in the building of this site.
Any emails containing the word come but written “cum” will not be answered.
All funds are used to support Autism and Insanity Prevention.
Feel free to send me your email information and I can contact you directly about upcoming promotional events, appearances and sales!
My friends who have stood by, supported and believed in me since the beginning, my BADASS/TAKE NO PRISONERS incredibly sexy gfs who don’t sacrifice who they are to please others, S Factor, Cooks Corner, Biker Warehouse,  Michelob Ultra, and Bloody Mary. They are my inspiration and I love the support they offer. I’m a lucky girl!
Mon – Fri: 9AM – 5PM
Sat: 10AM – 5PM
Sun: Closed
Having fun? Consider donating or purchasing some raunchy clothing to help us support Autism.

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