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Basic CMYKOkay.. I think I’m going to attack this from a private investigator point of view (goes along with my handcuffs hanging on my rear view mirror). This is what I know..

I know that I need this for my website to become successful. I know that the clothing I’m selling always make people smile and laugh. I know that I need to get people to start buying them. I know that I am apparently, quite entertaining. I know my blog brings hits but they aren’t spending money on my clothing or making donations. I know my blog makes people laugh because they tell me so. I know that I want to be able to support my kids, on my own, without government help. I know that I am never going to get the $480,000 in back support I am owed. I know that because of my kids medical problems I have to do something. I know that my blog “I’m in Love 2012″ was huge for me. I know I can do it. I taught myself everything from filing my own trademarks, copyrights, file sales/user taxes, how to use a heat press, use Corel Draw, make a QR code. I have made every single one of my products. I’ve walked into the AVN Expo, having no clue, but facing the fear and introducing myself to everyone I could. I know that I love my stuff. I wear it everyday. I know I can’t fail if I never quit!

“Here’s to better days and better lays” (Okay a little raunchy but I gotta think about my peeps. I have a reputation to maintain) ;)

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