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Ann Chery Latex Vest Waist Trainer


Waist Trainer/Waist Cincher.. Who cares? Do they really work?

Everyone is saying it works. Everyone is showing pics that “prove” it works. Why not jump on the bandwagon? Imagine if it works!!

I did a lot of research online before ordering a waist trainer. There are a lot of stores out there and most of them look like they are selling the exact same ones. I looked at pricing, shipping (they try to get you there) and reviews.  Ann Chery seemed to be the top manufacturer.

Ann Chery

When I found the best pricing and availability, I placed my order. I decided to go with the vest since I am on my laptop quite a bit which I know causes my neck pain. I thought it would be a better investment and help my posture. It said you could lightly work out in it. Black seemed the most practical and latex. There is a chart where you can choose what size you need. It arrived in just a couple days. I was excited until I went to put it on. Mental Note To All… Sizing chart is wrong. Go one size up. I didn’t want the hassle of having to return it and reorder, the comments stated they were able to tighten it after a couple weeks. I was getting this thing on. OMG!! Hell! Imagine being a size 10 and trying to get into a leather outfit size 2. It is that difficult. My thumbs feel like they are sprained from trying to do the clips everyday.waist Cincher2

Yes.. I got it on and it made me even more upset about my waistline! It is so tight that the extra skin gets smooshed together and pops out in the only space available until you can get every single clip. Let me tell you also that the latex is like the strongest, most durable, material I have ever experienced. It did not bust and held all of that muffin top in there. It felt like it could bust open. It was not attractive. If a man witnessed this, I would think that your sexiness would cease to exist. It definitely corrected my posture. I imagined I looked like a woman with a pole stuck up her ass but in the mirror it didn’t. It was just what I look like when standing up straight. I felt like I had to remind myself to breathe. Sitting down was not comfortable and it was like someone was slowly taking your air away. My breasts were pretty much under my chin, atleast it felt that way. You would eat less if your boobs feel like they are shoved in your throat and you can hardly breathe! I started to wonder if just getting this thing on was more of a workout than actually working out.

So far, wearing it daily for over a week, it has not become easier to put it on. It is actually harder because of the thumbs feeling so much pain. Is my waist smaller? Nope. Not even a little bit. It’s still waist trainer hell on a daily basis. It is easy to hide with your clothes and I will say I have had minimal lower back pain. There is no way that I could work out in this thing. Perhaps the cincher made for working out is more flexible.

Waist Cincher3Do I think it will help you lose weight at this point? No. This is what I think. I think that because of the fit you are forced to actually do movements properly. It’s like sitting on a workout ball. When you are doing sit ups, you can’t cheat on them. You are forced to do them correctly. When lifting it’s the same thing. You have to bend at your knees. It gives you the proper form which gives you a better workout that will produce results. That’s what I think. The inability to breathe could probably effect your appetite and how hard you work at breathing, feels like a workout. That could be it. I’m not giving up yet!!! The stories are all based on a month so I am going to try and stick with it. I am wearing it approximately 6 hours a day with no work out. I do know that if I have an event coming up I will definitely wear this under my clothes. Aesthetically, you can totally notice the difference and is unnoticeable even in the clingy clothes.

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