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Liposomal Glutathione

Say that really fast five times.. Ya, I couldn’t either. It took me awhile to be able to easily pronounce it but I memorized it. Why?

This is the ONLY product I have ever tried that works and does what it says. I was asked to do a review. I expected nothing. One out of ten products seem to actually work. I am a pessimist but saw that it was less than a teaspoon a day, didn’t conflict with prescription medication, had reliable research to back it up, what did I have to lose?

Five days into it I noticed a difference. I swear! I woke up actually feeling like I had slept. The kind of sleep where you know you needed it, definitely hit the deep REMs. I noticed an improvement in my focus and clarity. My skin started to look better (perhaps that’s why some refer to it as anti-aging)

Are you not getting enough sleep? HIV positive? Arthritis? Parkinsons? Diabetic?

Would you like to brighten and even lighten your skin? Are you low on energy? Auto-immune problems?

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I tried to explain to friends how it helped me but no matter how I described it, they looked at me like I was delusional. I decided to find one of my more pessimistic friends. He agreed to give it a try. It was very important to take it daily. The more health problems you have, the more you will notice the difference. I have found with my testing that people with issues start to notice around 5-7 days the positive effects. I have one client who used to be a body builder and is a vegan. Initially, this product detoxifies. Unfortunately, the side effects of this are loose bowels (temporary, not permanent) and flatulance. The worst smelling gas you can imagine (nothing can be perfect). Once again, it is only temporary. One last negative… it tastes disgusting. Really disgusting! You only need to take a little less than a teaspoon per day. One bottle lasts one month. I would not torture myself otherwise. I chase it with a yogurt drink which seems to help. Pomegranate juice is a great idea as well. I have two who are totally fine with it. I can’t believe it!

IV For Life is the company I distribute. They are the only company and product I can recommend. It is located in Newport Beach, California. Bogdan Popa, MD offers infusion (IV) treatments for a variety of ailments. These are more costly but for people with serious health issues they need this to help them. What I sell is the “oral” equivalent and less costly. I would recommend a higher daily dose if you have multiple ailments/diagnosis. I cannot recommend powder versions of this product. They don’t seem to absorb as well.

This is not a pyramid scheme (hate those!) I don’t want to call/email my friends and contacts to see if they want to try it. I have been annoyed with friends asking me to lunch, where I think it is to reconnect, but in reality they just want to sell me something. It’s offensive. I always follow up with clients to see how they are doing, if they are noticing any diffferences, what benefits and side effects they are experiencing. I don’t want anyone buying this because I am selling it. I want you to buy it, if it helps you! If it doesn’t I want to know. Just want you to try it consistently.

A few statements I have received..

“You know I hadn’t noticed anything really until I climbed some stairs at my office and realized I didn’t need to use the hand railing. It was the first time I could do that in such a long time. Next thing I know, I am cleaning, organizing and just getting on top of things!” This was after 2 weeks of use. They also commented that they had experienced the loose stools the first week but it had went away.

“It was the second day that I noticed a boost in my energy.” They called to confirm there was no caffeine in the product. Initially she said it made her a little shakey but that went away after an hour and she realized she needed to time it around her meal. I followed up one week later, amazed that she noticed diffferences that quick. I believe that her system really didn’t need detoxifying. “ No more shakiness. I definitely notice I have more energy. There is no early afternoon time when I feel like I need a nap.” She was then very happy to share news about the one other thing she had. “I lost 2 pounds!!” It was only about 8 days into it but it’s better to lose slowly, consistantly than any other way. “I am just hoping it will help my hot flashes.”

I have another out of state client who is HIV positive. They have been living with it for years. “OMG.. this is exactly what I need. I feel so much better. It’s like the missing piece of a puzzle has been found.” Seeing how thankful they were and happy they were, was one of the best feelings I have ever had.

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Glutathione is critical in energy production and boosts your immune system.

IV For Life Liposomes are made the same way “mother nature”makes them: at normal pressure and temporature for stability and function.

Research has also found improvements with neuropathic symptoms, less tendon pain, more flexibility, thyroid issues, improves circulation, chronic sinisitus, hangovers (hehe), dermatitis, chronic fatigue, sickle cell anemia, lyme disease, alzheimers, etc

There is over 115,000 scientific articles backing this up. Please feel free to research.





I have done a lot of reviews. Most of the products are not positive. I think the only slam dunk was the Hustler Penis Extender. That was it. I pride myself on not feeding you bullshit. I refuse to review a product I haven’t tried. You want me to review your tequila, better ship me a box (this actually happened, no box)

One bottle.. how much? $50 each  That is all. I am not looking to scam or take advantage. It lasts one month. I will ship to you and do not share my list of clients or mention them by name unless they agree. If this product does as much for you, as it has me for the last 6 months, I will make sure you will receive it on time, monthly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me Diana  If you would like to contact Bogdan Popa, MD, I can also help you with that.

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