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How Real is Reality TV?

bravo Take a look at these two gorgeous men in the pic. You love the bad boy with tattoos? Let me introduce you to Brandon Liberati. You love the All-American jock? Here he is, Craig Ramsey. Have you heard of them? If you haven’t, I can guarantee that you will. I’ve known them for a few years now. Brandon is a magician with my hair. I look forward to my appointments and the conversations we have. He has an incredible insight and concern for the LGBT community. He will bring up issues that they are dealing with and pose questions that really make you think.  He is a beautiful soul who motivates me and empowers me like no one else can. “It’s important what we both are doing. It isn’t about your products or our appearances, it’s about what we represent. We really are the same. We both are not afraid to say what we think. We are proud of who we are and celebrate our differences. We are about being proud of who you are, and letting the world see that happiness is up to them.” During these times I enjoy Craig as the yummy eye candy that he is. He is definitely a go-getter.  His energy is illuminating. Everything he talks about contains so much enthusiasm that makes you pop up. I see him  juggling the phone calls and emails like a master but still always taking the time to ask Brandon what he thinks. He doesn’t do anything without consulting him. Everything is agreed upon. It eliminates the need to ever argue about their schedules. There are times I have been there for hours and don’t even realize it. Craig will be telling me about another brilliant idea/class that he is considering and time just disappears. Wine and Stretch class?? Umm.. HELLO! Yes Please!  I never feel like he is just looking for the typical sounds great response. I am comfortable chiming in and offering anything I can do to help. The funny part is they are usually doing the same for me. Craig is my guru for my business and for my disappointing waistline. I can ask him how to do something or discuss what I think should come next and he will give me an honest answer. Let me just say that there may be some ass play that goes on between these two but it doesn’t involve blowing smoke up anyone’s ass, not mine at least.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Did you catch this season of Newlyweds on Bravo TV? They were on it. The first legally married gay couple. Was their reality show real? I am sorry to tell you but what you saw, is pretty much what you get. Take a look at my past blogs. I have wrote about them before any of their lives became public. They are always respectful of each other. It always blows me away that neither will go into the kitchen without asking if the other needs anything. They support each other and those closest to them. Brandon and Craig recognize that there is always something more out there to learn. They are open to it and thrive on it. They want everyone they care about the most to be happy and healthy.   Brandon2fit+fab     newlyweds         The Birth of Fit + Phab Happy and Healthy. That is Fit + Phab, not only on the outside but on the inside. Every step they take in the spotlight they see as an opportunity to set an example for others. They aren’t afraid to stir the pot because they know it opens up a conversation that is needed. Sometimes that ability to not sweat the small stuff (except maybe a 5 minute workout) can be just laughing at the stupidity of others. They look at the big picture of life and believe there is always more that can be done. The only thing stopping us, is ourselves and if we need a little nudge in the right direction or a big push, Fit + Phab is the place (and people) you need to see. Brandon is a hairstylist to the stars (and me)  Craig is a fitness specialist and model and so many other things. They have both dealt with adversity. They know the struggle. They know there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They know out of everything in the universe that they could have, they have it, by being lucky enough to find each other. Brandonbrandonkhloe craig2   craigteachingbrandonhaircraig5





So back to the main question, “How real is reality television?” I think it’s safe to say that there is always more that you can’t see. With these two, it is even better!

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