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PHAG… Pretty Hot And Gay! Taking the negative power away

PHAG Red t-shirt - logoAzealia Banks sure knows how to stir the pot, although due to her difficult upbringing it really isn’t surprising that she would go back to what worked in 2013, instead of coming up with something new. She isn’t completely void though. She does set the timing when she needs it most. She just released an album a few months ago and I’m assuming it isn’t do as well in sales as she hoped. What do you do? Throw the word “faggot” out there again and get everyone in a tizzy. It just sucks that people fall for it.

Lets take a look at her and her life. It really isn’t surprising that she immediately goes to slang that pisses the masses off. I’m sure she doesn’t even think about it before it spills out of her mouth. It’s the only way she knows how to fight. She’s like a wild animal in a cage that wants out desperately and wants to be accepted but as soon as she thinks someone is coming after her or trying to hurt her, she just reacts. She says all the worst, offensive words she can come up with. She wants to hurt them anyway she can. Her dad died when she was 2 and her mother was abusive. She likes much older men and guess what, they were abusive as well. She acknowledges she is bisexual and calls herself a dyke. You don’t have to be a genius to see what’s going on. I want to say she is “ignorant”, textbook definition. Some of these words she uses that get everyone riled up, she uses in reference to herself. I don’t think she really does see these words as offensive but has learned through life they are the way to get attention. Don’t get me wrong! I am not making excuses for her but when angry she also tells people she is going to kill them. Who says that and admits it to the world? I am just saying,”Look at the messenger and smack yourself for even thinking about it”.

A great way to deflect is to turn it around. As cheesy as it sounds, “Turn a negative into a positive”. This is where PHAG came about. PHAG stands for Pretty, Hot And Gay. Offensive? Not at all. I have to thank my hairdresser who is one part of an amazing married couple, that are set to change people’s lives in a healthy and positive. Brandon Liberati and Craig Ramsay. We all want to shake people up one way or another, in an effort to give them a clue. I hate stereotyping. Brandon wants everyone to see the beauty that they have and Craig wants them to feel the best they can by doing it in a healthy way. Their goal,”FIT & PHAB” Write that down. In 2016 it will be everywhere and you can say you already know all about it.

My rule for life is “Assume it is coming from a good place unless they have given you a reason not to”. This is why I can call my girlfriends hooker, slut, bitch, whatever. This is why when Brandon asked if he refers to me as one of his straights, does that offend me? Absolutely not! I adore him and I know he adores me. I guess this means I don’t agree with Andy Cohen (sorry Andy) but life is full of so much shit and crap and serious problems. Letting yourself get bothered by that phrase, from women you promote, if you find it offensive I think it has to do more with the women than the words. To quote Taylor Swift, “Shake it Off”.PHAG 2

So right now, I am wearing my “I Love PHAGS” shirt proudly. I know it may offend some, make some laugh, whatever, but the reality is, I wear what I want. I have 2 kids with disabilities and not enough wine in my cabinet, so if you are angry about it, I really don’t give a shit. No one else in the world is dressing to please me and if they are, they are followers. They aren’t the people who are going to wish the best for you, be supportive of you, stand by you and up for you. They will just follow the masses and to quote Laurel Thatcher Ulrich (I know others have said it as well but she is documented as the first I believe), “Well-behaved women seldom make history”, so call me naughty, I would rather make a difference.

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