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Kristin Beck… Who is she? Do we need to have a definition?

50% of Transgenders commit suicide

When a person decides to come out, whether it be gay, lesbian, trans, etc. the first thing most people see in their mind is the sexuality. They don’t see the struggle the person has gone through. They don’t see the feelings they have been carrying around like cement bricks, wondering why they don’t seem to fit in. They don’t see the courage it took to finally say it out loud and unfortunately, they don’t get the unconditional love that they were under the impression of, that their family, would always be there. We don’t get to choose who are kids are meant to be nor do we get to pick who are parents are and what their terms are to qualify for unconditional love.

Think about an adult. Someone who has lived their whole life pretending to be someone they are not. Think about the inner turmoil they have been keeping inside over the years. Imagine them finally getting so tired of living life to meet everyone else’ expectations, that they finally put themselves first. Now see that person watching as most of the people/family closest to them walk away.  It’s tragic, heartbreaking and unfair. It’s not supposed to be a bad thing. It’s not a choice. Now imagine if they had the ability to do this when they were a child.  I can.

There are people trying to make a difference. This is Kristin Beck

I love documentaries. It is one of my favorite past times. Am I political? When it comes to that and religion I keep my mouth shut. The conversation always seems to end bad. Kristin Beck enlightened me in a way I wasn’t expecting. I wanted to find out about her background. She is transgender who has thrown her hat into the ring. I couldn’t avoid it. She suckered me into politics.

If you ask her to define herself, she will tell you American. To her it is about your soul and your spirit. Nothing else needs to be defined. Kristin was a Navy SEAL for 20 years. She served 13 deployments. She received a purple heart and bronze star. She was, to others (aside from being a he), brave and fearless. He was willing to go into situations that no one would go into. They saw him as a leader, an extraordinary American. In reality, she was so tortured and unhappy on the inside that she really didn’t care if she died. She wasn’t only fighting on the outside, she had a bigger battle going on inside. Once retired, around 2011, she decided to come out. She had started transitioning and really deserved, for all she did, to be happy.


It seemed to me (in the documentary) that the Navy SEAL background did cause straight men to be more accepting. She is a “man’s man”. There really isn’t anything ‘girly’ about her. This is one of the reasons I found her interesting. She didn’t try to mold herself into what a stereotypical woman should look like or act like. Kristin Beck didn’t become anything but more at peace with who she is and who she is, according to her, is an American. As an American and former Navy SEAL, when she sees something she can make better, there is no cowering. She jumps in. That is what she is doing! She has thrown herself into the ring for the next election in Maryland. I love this! She can show the “judgmentals” out there to stop focusing on the transgender stuff and focus on what she is doing and she knows what she’s doing. She is very clear on what she would like to change and improvements that need to be put in place. Kristin has the confidence, maybe from being a Navy SEAL, to not just talk about what she can do and stands for, she will do it. She would be the first transgender in congress. Imagine that!


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