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BI 2 For 1 T-Shirt

BI 2 For 1 T-Shirt

Item #:3040
Deep V-Neck t-shirt in a turquoise shade that has a mint green tinge to it with BI 2 for 1 in black lettering on the front $21.95 . . . → Read More: BI 2 For 1 T-Shirt

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I have always tried to cover all of my bases but there was one missing. The wonderfully non-committed choice, bi-sexual. It’s for the ones with the well rounded appetite. The ones who prefer buffet style perhaps. The ones who can appreciate the beauty and hotness in everyone. They have that security to say it isn’t about choosing a side, it’s about the person and frankly I want to keep my options open. I couldn’t believe it when this phrase popped in my mind. It was so simple and easy, right in front of me, but it took awhile for me to see it. That happens sometimes ya know?

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