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PRIDE Lubricant

Lubricant for the Cause by Nature Labs LLC

Lubricant for the Cause by Nature Labs LLC


When I was at the ANE/AVN Expo this year, I loved checking out all the products and wanted one of everything. One of the things in particular I wanted to explore were the products geared towards gay men. It seems like most of the websites that sell sex stuff have tons of promos for heteros but very minimal for gay men. Why? No idea. I do know this is a male dominated industry but when have a ever let that stop me. I got a penis just like they do, only mine straps on!

I came upon this company and fell for the glow in the dark lubricant because we all know how embarassing it can be in the dark when you can’t find the hole you are looking for! LOL!

I got to talking to everyone and saw this product. I told them about my website, what it’s about, blah..blah..blah.. focusing on the demographic that isn’t quite as big as I think it should be. They were awesome and gave me a bottle to try out. Of course, I didn’t try it out. I guess I could have but I wanted to be true to the Cause!

Pretty Impressive Stuff!

Nature labs lubricants are designed to not only provide the perfect intimate experience, but are ideal for your sexual well-being. All of our lubricant lines contain two key ingredients (excluding GRIZZLY Silicone). Our base is comprised of carrageenan, this substance comes from red seaweed and has been shown in studies to prevent the spread of HSV* (herpes) and HPV** (Human papillomavirus).

Secondly, our lubricants all contain L-lysine which is an amino acid that suppresses viral replication and inhibits cytopathogenicity of herpes simplex virus.*** This means that L-lysine may help you recover faster from an infection and may help prevent the spread of the virus.

Just had to go with this pic!

Just had to go with this pic!

Feedback: Great product and loved that it’s ingrediants are natural. Definitely! Favorite water-based lube. It lasted longer than most of the water based lubricants tried out. The downside is that oil based is preferred because they seem to last much longer than all of the water based. The only thing is that it stains clothing, bedding, etc. This part sucks. Basically, this is number one in water based lubricants but in the big picture, oil based is preferred. Perhaps, this one is best used for quickies! I wonder if there is any oil based non-staining lubes?

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