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Naughty Nancy.. No 50 Shades of Grey Here! All Black & White

If you are a 50 Shades of Bullshit fan than I think it’s important that you see that S&M is not what they make it out to be. I fear that women and men all over the world will end up pierced, or hog tied and have no idea how they got into the situation. Here is a glimpse of reality.

If you follow me at all then you are familiar with Naughty Nancy. An ex prostitute from Amsterdam that gives you the straight shit. No sugar coating.

She has the ability to shock you.. scare you.. intimidate you.. and make you laugh harder than you ever have before. That is Naughty Nancy. There is no other.

She accompanied me to the AVN/ANE expo since I knew I was going to be busy at the booth. I needed someone that could give me some info on the scene and was ready for anything. I think she may have found a new demographic and possible hobby!

Naughty Nancy 139 Naughty Nancy 137 Naughty Nancy 135 Naughty Nancy 130 Naughty Nancy 127 Naughty Nancy 122 Naughty Nancy 121 Naughty Nancy 109 Naughty Nancy 103 Naughty Nancy 091 Naughty Nancy 085 Naughty Nancy 077 Naughty Nancy 050

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