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How High Should I Jump by R. Milton Quibner

A Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today's Woman by Milton Quibner

Author of How High Should I Jump

Take a look at this man in the picture. Who do you think he is? Surgeon? Professor? Retired? What do you think he likes to do in his free time? Sail? Golf? Strip Clubs? One of the things in life I would love to do is eliminate . . . → Read More: How High Should I Jump by R. Milton Quibner

Swat Fuel

JUST ADD ADRENALINE. Energy. Stamina. Endurance. Focus.

Swat Fuel.. Everything you need to get the best workout

I was at the Lauren Powers Classic at Cooks Corner and met this very informed man who was selling Swat Fuel. He gave me a bottle for free and asked me to try it out. He also gave me a tank and cute shorts . . . → Read More: Swat Fuel

Naughty Nancy.. No 50 Shades of Grey Here! All Black & White

Naughty Nancy

If you are a 50 Shades of Bullshit fan than I think it’s important that you see that S&M is not what they make it out to be. I fear that women and men all over the world will end up pierced, or hog tied and have no idea how they got into the situation. . . . → Read More: Naughty Nancy.. No 50 Shades of Grey Here! All Black & White

You Better Watch Your Back

This cracked me up. This guy was just walking by and got tackled by this woman. He had no idea she was coming for him. He tried to get out of it but sadly she was kicking his ass. The big question is did he get hot and bothered from it because she did. Do . . . → Read More: You Better Watch Your Back

The Dildo Dr.

Great Promotional Products

There I was driving to Vegas when I see this truck. I laugh hysterically and snap a picture. Imagine, my car with TheAssGirl magnets driving beside a truck with The Dildo Dr. on it. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Talking to the Dildo Dr. was much more informative than you would think. I . . . → Read More: The Dildo Dr.

Semen taste yucky?


One of my favorite things about the ANE/AVN is always the samples. I found this product pretty intriguing. The concept is good, bad tasting semen. This could be a problem for someone. They work like those breath strips. You peel the thin piece, place it on your tongue and it melts. Upon semen release it . . . → Read More: Semen taste yucky?

Playing Supermodel in Parking Lot | Sunset Blvd.

Two Girls Smelling Pink Roses

Time for my Part 2,Saturday Night with my gfs. We decided to meet for a few drinks at a new place to start. One of those Sunset Blvd.places where there is no sign outside telling you the name of it, just a few high price sports cars strategically parked out front.We enjoyed a little gossip . . . → Read More: Playing Supermodel in Parking Lot | Sunset Blvd.

Turn Me 50 Shades of Grey | An S&M Perpective

Young Man And Cougar

This is my review of this book. Now please understand you do not have to agree with me, it is only my opinion. I am glad I waited a few days. My “hotter than hell” cousin came over to visit (before he goes back to NY BOOO!) and asked me about the book. I gave . . . → Read More: Turn Me 50 Shades of Grey | An S&M Perpective

Why I’m Ideal For Trailer Park Reality Show

TheAssGirl Smoking Cigar

Me? My Own Television Show? Can someone please tell me where everyone disappeared to?? I had all of these new hits last month and then.. POOF! Wtf? Did I offend someone? Do I have to start going door to door offering sexual favors? I’m at a loss. When I am at a loss, I decide . . . → Read More: Why I’m Ideal For Trailer Park Reality Show

QUICK! Spit or Swallow?

We are at Cooks Corner interviewing the crowd during the annual Ladies Who Ride event. A fantastic crowd who is having a blast. Can we do a little interview? Okay but answer with the first thing that pops up in your mind. Does this lady surprise her friends with her answer? Do they agree?


. . . → Read More: QUICK! Spit or Swallow?

Bad One Night Stand

At Cooks Corner TheAssGirl team interviews these hot ladies on how to get out of a sticky situation. One is married but can recall back in the day how she would handle it. Her friend, not married, knows how to handle it easily. What would they do?


I don’t need a whip, I got this!

Naughty Nancy never likes a crutch and she doesn’t want to be predictable. Yes.. using a flog, whipping someone, tying them up.. that can be fun but what if she is caught in a situation where her toys aren’t quickly accessible. She doesn’t want to miss the moment. We have a man walking up to . . . → Read More: I don’t need a whip, I got this!

How about Girl on Girl?

Watch Naughty Nancy find just as much enjoyment spanking a woman. See all the men…. watching her….. they start to form a line, waiting… in hopes of having a turn. Does she give them a chance? Always promoting TheAssGirl and getting the job done.

I’m in Love with 7 Gay Men!

woman holding heart

Please note that these are NOT fictional characters. They do exist. We just don’t stand a chance with any of them. I have been exposed to nothing I have ever been through before and I don’t know if I can come back from, or actually if I want to.

I spent an evening with these . . . → Read More: I’m in Love with 7 Gay Men!

Check that Ass wearing TheAssGirl

Just try and take your eyes away from her amazing ass. For a moment you may notice the tinge of red color on her butt cheeks from being “punished” . He even brought out the big guns. She took it like… well not a man if you saw the other videos. He screamed like a . . . → Read More: Check that Ass wearing TheAssGirl

Naughty Nancy gets a flogging

He may remind her of Braveheart but taking a closer look, not happening! If only he could recite the speech he makes in front of all the men. One of Nancy’s fantasies could come true. He didn’t know the speech. He did give her a counter offer. Listen to the sound very carefully. You can . . . → Read More: Naughty Nancy gets a flogging

Naughty Nancy is all tied up!

Yes.. Once you attend one of these events you will be exposed to things you have never seen before. Nothing fifty shades of grey here! Hence, validating my opinion that the book is not really S & M. I guess it’s like the kindergarten of S & M. This looks uncomfortable. How does Nancy feel?

. . . → Read More: Naughty Nancy is all tied up!

Naughty Nancy meet Naughtier Nurse

This contraption is not what I used when I played doctor. This thing is wild. The nurse, as all good nurses do, put Nancy at ease while she bound her feet and wrists. With no idea what is coming next, Naughty Nancy goes along with everything. What will the nurse do after Nancy is stuck? . . . → Read More: Naughty Nancy meet Naughtier Nurse

How Naughty is she?

The nurse in this video starts using tactile sensations to warm Nancy up. You will notice that there are quite a few people filming Nancy and interviewing her. She always draws a crowd. It’s obvious that the nurse is having fun so she makes a move that is a little more intimate.. under Naughty Nancy’s . . . → Read More: How Naughty is she?

Butler vs Submissive.. Is The Only Difference A Uniform?


I was watching a film that was loosely based on Doris Duke. It was about her and her butler. Initially while watching it, I assumed he was straight. Later in the film it is revealed that he is gay, although you never see him out with men or talking about needing sex. It seemed . . . → Read More: Butler vs Submissive.. Is The Only Difference A Uniform?