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50 Shades Of S&M | Getting Busted By Landlord

Big Ass Big Bike

I decided to try something different this month. I am going to be posting my review of Fifty Shades of Grey so I figured lets stick with that S&M theme. I hope that isn’t a problem for anybody…

Now I know I seem like a woman of “experience” mostly due to the fact that I . . . → Read More: 50 Shades Of S&M | Getting Busted By Landlord

Anal Anxieties | Strap It On

Butt Cheeks And Leather

Now WHERE is the anal-anxieties from? Certainly not what you think immediately (that’s a whole other monthly blog!) more about me being PISSED with the judicial system. Not the petty crap like my ex owing me $320,000 in child support, not parking tickets, but the fact that because I have such incredibly bizarre situations always . . . → Read More: Anal Anxieties | Strap It On

Myth #5: All You Need Is A Big Dick | Not!

Ladies Who Ride Cooks Corner

FYI: Just because you have a big dick doesn’t mean you can just lay there

Well it’s a new month! I’m in a new place and I’m feeling pretty optimistic. Not quite sure why..I haven’t had that much to drink yet but hey..I’m running with it. I’m totally stoked for the Ladies Who Ride Event . . . → Read More: Myth #5: All You Need Is A Big Dick | Not!

March Mini Men | Yes We Are Talking Penis Size

The Ass Girl With Elderly

Okay.. Look.. I know! Where have I been? But we need to focus on something even more important. The mini men.. little penis guys. Now yes, I have mentioned my theory on sending them to another country and only allowing big penis men to pro-create. I can be a bit harsh at times but it . . . → Read More: March Mini Men | Yes We Are Talking Penis Size

Swat Fuel

JUST ADD ADRENALINE. Energy. Stamina. Endurance. Focus.

Swat Fuel.. Everything you need to get the best workout

I was at the Lauren Powers Classic at Cooks Corner and met this very informed man who was selling Swat Fuel. He gave me a bottle for free and asked me to try it out. He also gave me a tank and cute shorts . . . → Read More: Swat Fuel

Penis Pump by Hustler


See this fun thing I got at the ANE/AVN 2014. This penis pump is the first product I am reviewing that had a unanimous thumbs up. Every single person that tried this product said it worked. Seriously!

I was surprised about how open they were about even using . . . → Read More: Penis Pump by Hustler

Bad One Night Stand

At Cooks Corner TheAssGirl team interviews these hot ladies on how to get out of a sticky situation. One is married but can recall back in the day how she would handle it. Her friend, not married, knows how to handle it easily. What would they do?


QUICK! Spit or Swallow?

We are at Cooks Corner interviewing the crowd during the annual Ladies Who Ride event. A fantastic crowd who is having a blast. Can we do a little interview? Okay but answer with the first thing that pops up in your mind. Does this lady surprise her friends with her answer? Do they agree?


. . . → Read More: QUICK! Spit or Swallow?

We Are Just TheAssGirl! We just have fun!

This guy states he is a man’s man. He rides a motorcycle. There ain’t nothing gentle about him. He was a tad nervous about being filmed which was interesting but the girls pointed out that we are just here to have fun so he rolled with it. The big question is if a woman wanted . . . → Read More: We Are Just TheAssGirl! We just have fun!

Nancy explains TheAssGirl

Could I really be considered a poet? a teacher? Well I am not so sure about that but Naughty Nancy and this lady definitely have an opinion!

Oh No! A Scorpio!

TheAssGirl team has been hitting the crowd hard and stops this man. He is a hard read and difficult to see if we are annoying him. He mentions that he is a Scorpio which brings an interesting turn of events.