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Penis Pump by Hustler


See this fun thing I got at the ANE/AVN 2014. This penis pump is the first product I am reviewing that had a unanimous thumbs up. Every single person that tried this product said it worked. Seriously!

I was surprised about how open they were about even using . . . → Read More: Penis Pump by Hustler

Uncircumcision.. Extinct or In The Closet?

uncircumcised head

Let’s touch on circumcision, shall we?

Okay.. get your mind out of the gutter. It’s a baby anteater not a penis. Please! Do you find it adorable? Your answer could make all the difference.


I’m sitting at home, going through emails and in the back I can hear a comedy special starring Amy . . . → Read More: Uncircumcision.. Extinct or In The Closet?