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Anal Anxieties | Strap It On

Now WHERE is the anal-anxieties from? Certainly not what you think immediately (that’s a whole other monthly blog!) more about me being PISSED with the judicial system. Not the petty crap like my ex owing me $320,000 in child support, not parking tickets, but the fact that because I have such incredibly bizarre situations always happening to me, that now I am being penalized, JUDICIALLY, because of it and I’m telling the truth. It’s BS! I have 2 lame ass dudes I got into a minor accident with (cost me $400 to fix) who are suing me claiming major injuries.

Why me? Because my insurance company won’t pay them. Why? Could it be the 33 doctor visits in a 3 month period where the doctor said you were fine, after every visit. We meet with DMV, I tell the truth, they give completely different stories and because my story is not “typical” about how the cops were (but the truth) they claim in a report they believe them! SO MUCH FUCKIN BS! THAT’S where the anal stems from. Makes me want to pull out my 12 inch strap on and beat the shit out of all of them with it..I mean, if I had one. I feel like I have let you all down. You were probably all stoked over seeing the word “anal” and now you might be disappointed. I feel like I should post a free boob shot or something.

Fashion Show At Cooks Corner

My FIRST ever fashion show at I had no idea what I was doing but thanks to  Rhonda, Julie, Marissa and amazing models..they blew the crowd away! Amazingly positive feedback! Amazing venue and the best cause!

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