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TENGA.. Egg-actly what you need!

TENGA You don’t want to necessarily spend the big bucks on toys? Especially when you have no idea if they work. I know I don’t! There are a lot of masturbation sleeves out there. Some are very complicated to clean and maintain. Some require prep time. Who wants to have to do that? . . . → Read More: TENGA.. Egg-actly what you need!

The Dildo Dr.

Great Promotional Products

There I was driving to Vegas when I see this truck. I laugh hysterically and snap a picture. Imagine, my car with TheAssGirl magnets driving beside a truck with The Dildo Dr. on it. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Talking to the Dildo Dr. was much more informative than you would think. I . . . → Read More: The Dildo Dr.

Morality And Sleeping With Your Cousin

Tits On Bike

Morality? Gets in the way of fun? Nahh ! LOL. May cause a pause at times? Yea..probably. I scratch my brain and have more wine. I think morality is different for everyone. All I know is that the only person who can make you happy is yourself, so do whatever it is you want to . . . → Read More: Morality And Sleeping With Your Cousin

Two For One Blue Plate Special | What Do Guys Really Want?

Kermit Flashing

One night (drinking) I was hanging with a gf..drinking some tequila(Jose’ I’m broke so the shitty stuff but tolerable in a one up kind of situation) we decided to go on Plenty of Fish and make a post. Not a usual post but a “Two For One Blue Plate Special”. IT WAS AWESOME! We . . . → Read More: Two For One Blue Plate Special | What Do Guys Really Want?

You Better Watch Your Back

This cracked me up. This guy was just walking by and got tackled by this woman. He had no idea she was coming for him. He tried to get out of it but sadly she was kicking his ass. The big question is did he get hot and bothered from it because she did. Do . . . → Read More: You Better Watch Your Back

QUICK! Spit or Swallow?

We are at Cooks Corner interviewing the crowd during the annual Ladies Who Ride event. A fantastic crowd who is having a blast. Can we do a little interview? Okay but answer with the first thing that pops up in your mind. Does this lady surprise her friends with her answer? Do they agree?


. . . → Read More: QUICK! Spit or Swallow?

How Naughty is she?

The nurse in this video starts using tactile sensations to warm Nancy up. You will notice that there are quite a few people filming Nancy and interviewing her. She always draws a crowd. It’s obvious that the nurse is having fun so she makes a move that is a little more intimate.. under Naughty Nancy’s . . . → Read More: How Naughty is she?

Professional Cock Carver

TheAssGirl loves everything outside the norm. Watch Naughty Nancy talk to this professional who is able to carve cocks/penis’ out of the most crazy things. Marble.. wood.. cement.. stone.. everything. No matter how big you want it.. or small. See which one Naughty Nancy prefers to play with.


Naughty Nancy Giving Free Spankings

Naughty Nancy is a hands on interviewer. She puts herself in the position of the person she in speaking to (literally) and is more than willing to give it a go. Will Naughty Nancy at AVN/ANE give this lady a hard one or a gentle one?




Bad One Night Stand

At Cooks Corner TheAssGirl team interviews these hot ladies on how to get out of a sticky situation. One is married but can recall back in the day how she would handle it. Her friend, not married, knows how to handle it easily. What would they do?


Naughty Nancy gets a flogging

He may remind her of Braveheart but taking a closer look, not happening! If only he could recite the speech he makes in front of all the men. One of Nancy’s fantasies could come true. He didn’t know the speech. He did give her a counter offer. Listen to the sound very carefully. You can . . . → Read More: Naughty Nancy gets a flogging