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Morality And Sleeping With Your Cousin

Tits On BikeMorality? Gets in the way of fun? Nahh ! LOL. May cause a pause at times? Yea..probably.  I scratch my brain and have more wine. I think morality is different for everyone. All I know is that the only person who can make you happy is yourself, so do whatever it is you want to do. It’s your life. After thinking that I accidentally put on the Independent Movie Network. I am being punished for saying that. Only took a few hours for the tears and depression to subside. How do I shake that off? Ahh.. Cruel Intentions is on. An excellent movie about a poor, sad boy looking for a mother’s love in all the wrong places. Scum? No way! Just misunderstood! I have a friend who hooked up with his cousin. Great sex on a Porsche..Crashed at his place in the most expensive area. Only had a single bed in the entire place. Worked out fine for her. She was so pre-occupied with the possibility of great sex that she didn’t see anything else. Oh if things were still that way.

Life is Meant to Be Lived not Paddled

Okay..enough with the bullshit and if you believed any of what I just said you should be banned for life. Obviously, you do not fit my “demographic”. I try to keep my expectations low so as to not be disappointed. Putting my issues aside, at least there is a girl on girl kiss that makes all men mush and if we are smart, we should use that to our advantage. Now let’s all go have sex with our step-sibs!
Back to morality…it’s entertaining really..look at how it was years ago and look at how it is now. Call me crazy but we are becoming a little more “laxed” in that department. Actually as women we can become “laxed” in any department we choose.  We really can rationalize anything and everything. It’s funny. How can you not love that? I mean I have called friends thinking a guy may be teetering on the “straight” and “arrow” line and now.. after a few years..they seem like the least of my worries in regards to men and their interests. I mean I am up for anything once..pretty much! So if you are making me second guess myself… Bravo! I want you as my new best friend. If you are trying to assume or judge.. I have a hearing problem so “F” off!. Life is meant to be lived not paddled. Who you are is made up of these crazy life experiences..if you have none..where are you? Exactly!
My gfs and I discuss “scenarios”, trying to draw a line although it always seems to end up being a very blurry line. Fiances…not financies. It really is funny (ok, maybe not) meaning the discussion, not the doing. How many days before the actual ceremony is it actually considered wrong? Do you get like the gold flag if it’s the groom over the groomsmen? and how do you walk away? The con “science” is a great thing! If you really listen to us..we are 100% confident in what we are saying. We are! I Love women! Never a dull moment so just relax and embrace us! If you’re smart, you will be quiet and  be enlightened!
So what is my point? If I answer the door in my wonder woman costume…don’t worry! If I show up as a school girl..barmaid..stewardess..Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader..whatever! Quit wondering about the shit and just roll with it. The fun part is we really never expect it to go ahead so at a certain point you take over the lead and have no idea. Run with that because it rarely happens!
I have had this ongoing  problem with some “stalker” (too much street cred) and I have to say this. I have balls and they are bigger than most of yours….I just carry them higher! If it’s the route you want to take..have an escape plan because (not that it was for me) we may be entertained initially but after a few notes…we are bored. It’s kind of like that going over 40-45 mins thing. We don’t actually notice the exact second but we know exactly what we need to grab at the store the next day. So Mr. sending messages “incognito”, it makes you look weak. I don’t like weak. I don’t need weak. I don’t want weak.

Busy Promoting While Sugar Daddy Gets Busted

I have been busy promoting. I went to the Brea Improve, met Sarah Colonna, gave her some products. I have been doing the monthly Loft After Hours with Naughty Nancy Hysterically funny! I worship that place and the closeness they have with each other. I also got a quote on a real website. I really need that. I could swear alot more! I really need to come up with it so please, feel free to make a donation! Or better yet..put the vibrator down (or the Vaseline) and buy something! Great plan! I started to go with that plan, you need to spend money to make money. Unfortunately, my credit card companies are not happy with this approach, or maybe not happy with my jokes. Why haven’t I paid? My sugardaddy got busted but after the hearing I think things will be better. I had to pay my court fines so they could remove the warrant for my arrest. I have this weird rash that has prevented me from getting out there and working. No man wants to deal with that ya know! They are so annoying, I have to entertain myself. I have set a goal for myself..1000 new hits per month. I was 167 short. I am bummed. I’m thinking maybe I need to start working some video into my site. What do you think? I also have been getting ready for Sunday, May 6, 2012. The Blessing of the Bikes at  I don’t know if I mention enough how much I feel indebted to Cooks and . Pretty much all of the jewelry you see me in is from Bikers. My drinks..from Cooks. The of charge. They have taught me so much professionally and personally. I could not have done ANYTHING without them and will always have their back!
So if I catch any of you buying stuff somewhere else..ouch is all I gots to say!

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