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Flogging Lesson Anyone?

This guy I found entertaining. He was like a recruiter who was stoked to show you the ropes and teach you the proper method to flog. He obviously, is a professional. The patience he had and encyclopedia of knowledge on techniques was pretty impressive..


Naughty Nancy is all tied up!

Yes.. Once you attend one of these events you will be exposed to things you have never seen before. Nothing fifty shades of grey here! Hence, validating my opinion that the book is not really S & M. I guess it’s like the kindergarten of S & M. This looks uncomfortable. How does Nancy feel?

. . . → Read More: Naughty Nancy is all tied up!

TENGA.. Egg-actly what you need!

TENGA You don’t want to necessarily spend the big bucks on toys? Especially when you have no idea if they work. I know I don’t! There are a lot of masturbation sleeves out there. Some are very complicated to clean and maintain. Some require prep time. Who wants to have to do that? . . . → Read More: TENGA.. Egg-actly what you need!

Laying Around, Never! I’m Always Promoting

How hard do I promote my product? As much as I can! Feedback is very important to me and everyone loves freebies, so I put the two together. Camp Freddy coming up! My favorite event where I am able to assist by giving away shirts so that nobody ends up with nothing under the tree. . . . → Read More: Laying Around, Never! I’m Always Promoting

Tie Me Up Hold Me Down Tank Top

Tie Me Up- Logo

Black Tie Me Up Hold Me Down Unisex Tank Top with white lettering $21.95 . . . → Read More: Tie Me Up Hold Me Down Tank Top

The Dildo Dr.

Great Promotional Products

There I was driving to Vegas when I see this truck. I laugh hysterically and snap a picture. Imagine, my car with TheAssGirl magnets driving beside a truck with The Dildo Dr. on it. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Talking to the Dildo Dr. was much more informative than you would think. I . . . → Read More: The Dildo Dr.

A Man With Rope and A Plan

This guy will blow your mind. His talent at tying ropes/bondage is bad ass. The knots, the train of thought that is required to do all of it is cray cray. Watch Naughty Nancy experience it first hand and not even flinch. This is all for real. I can assure you of that. I saw . . . → Read More: A Man With Rope and A Plan

How Naughty is she?

The nurse in this video starts using tactile sensations to warm Nancy up. You will notice that there are quite a few people filming Nancy and interviewing her. She always draws a crowd. It’s obvious that the nurse is having fun so she makes a move that is a little more intimate.. under Naughty Nancy’s . . . → Read More: How Naughty is she?

Fuc$ing and the “Furries”


Ever fantasized about something so strange that once you checked back into reality you immediately felt shame? Wondered if you were weird? Well put those brakes on because trust me, there is someone out there fantasizing about the same things you are. You just have to google furries to find them.

There is a lot . . . → Read More: Fuc$ing and the “Furries”

Puppy Play is all the rage! Downward dog?

puppy play2

Do you live somewhere where dogs aren’t allowed?

Are you aware you have other options?

Los Angeles is where it all begins. If they are doing it here, eventually it will be everywhere and it usually isn’t made to be a dirty secret but a fun game that everyone should try. Since this site . . . → Read More: Puppy Play is all the rage! Downward dog?

Ray Me Fa So La? Oops! Don’t Forget Heeldo!


While in Las Vegas for the AVN/ANE I had a great time checking out the new and upcoming products. I saw this one and had to have it. It’s clever, impossible to forget, you can use it alone or with friends and it is great for both men and women. What else could you . . . → Read More: Ray Me Fa So La? Oops! Don’t Forget Heeldo!

Check that Ass wearing TheAssGirl

Just try and take your eyes away from her amazing ass. For a moment you may notice the tinge of red color on her butt cheeks from being “punished” . He even brought out the big guns. She took it like… well not a man if you saw the other videos. He screamed like a . . . → Read More: Check that Ass wearing TheAssGirl

Naughty Nancy gets a flogging

He may remind her of Braveheart but taking a closer look, not happening! If only he could recite the speech he makes in front of all the men. One of Nancy’s fantasies could come true. He didn’t know the speech. He did give her a counter offer. Listen to the sound very carefully. You can . . . → Read More: Naughty Nancy gets a flogging

BDSM.. Which one is for me?

With the soon to be upcoming craze of 50 Shades I feel the need to take an even deeper look at the BDSM genre. Curiosity drives me I had to take a closer look.

A friend of mine was contemplating opening up her world, sexual world, and dabbling a little in the BDSM. She . . . → Read More: BDSM.. Which one is for me?