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Fuc$ing and the “Furries”

furrie2Ever fantasized about something so strange that once you checked back into reality you immediately felt shame? Wondered if you were weird? Well put those brakes on because trust me, there is someone out there fantasizing about the same things you are. You just have to google furries to find them.

There is a lot of information out there about the furries. Some believe they have mental problems, have sex with animals and the conventions revolve around sex. This is not true. There is a approximately 35% of them that do find it arousing. Since my website is about sex, that is the part I am going to write about.

The majority of furries are men, straight, bi and gay men. They probably watched a lot of cartoons as a child and got a little aroused with the mascot at their high school football game. Those furries are often referred to as furverts, attracted to mascots and such. You never told anyone but it was there and making you feel tingly.

In a lot of ways being a furry is just a game of role-playing. I mean who hasn’t dressed up like a nurse before or prostitute to spice up their love life?  This is a variation of that only they can identify more with animals to the point where if they feel they are/should be a dog, they chew on furniture. This group of people is referred to as furry fandom.  Their  imagination  is much more real to them so they take on the fursona of the animal character they wish to be.  Yes! These are words that the genre uses. I am not that clever.  It isn’t always about having sexual intercourse or as they call it, yiffing, some just want the dry humping. The best way to tell would be to check for any holes in their fursuits. There are some who just want  a fur  pile where they lay on top of each other and spend time scritching. What is skritching? It is a little like it sounds. Scritching is light scratching and grooming of each other. It is kind of like our version of a hug but they do it to all of their fellow furry friends, even the ones they don’t want to fu$k. They think of themselves as one big family. They feel safe and loved.

For some furries all they desire and love to do is create art about the furries. They make crafts and paintings. They write poetry about it. There are even furry comic books! They do also cross over to erotica. At the conventions there are performances, songs, puppet shows, dance routines, everything. All of it is geared around fun. Try to time it right and witness their parade. See.. all about fun. There are some as well, like in everything, who take it further. They watch furry porn.  Yep, there is porn, and pornographic furry games. They are animated. I had to take a peak at a couple. I was curious.  I love the titles.. Red Ho. Storyline..horny fox fucks her buddy., and Pollys Tale.  Keep Polly away from those horny fuckers. I wasn’t sure how I felt about Pepe Le Rapiste 3 although you don’t have to be a genius to figure out its about a horny skunk on a mission. There are some furries who do not want to take it any further than online. Websites are everywhere and cover one end to the other of the furry spectrum. There are others who  want to dry hump, and some, have sex. They want to spooge (semen).  They want to look in the eyes of the other person and see a fox.



To me, the furries seem like a harmless group who are getting a chance to bring that fantasy to life online and at these conventions. If it makes them happy, healthy and/or horny, who am I to judge? There are obviously a lot of them. They have conventions. I am just happy that they have each other and know they are not alone.


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