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Puppy Play is all the rage! Downward dog?

puppy play3

Do you live somewhere where dogs aren’t allowed?

Are you aware you have other options?

Los Angeles is where it all begins. If they are doing it here, eventually it will be everywhere and it usually isn’t made to be a dirty secret but a fun game that everyone should try. Since this site is geared around things out of the “norm” I am going to talk about this and gay men. It is good to know though that this is being played all over by everyone. Right now it just seems to dominate the popular playtime parties in the gay community.

In a nutshell, men dress up and act like dogs. You do not have to be on all fours but if you do, knee pads would probably be a smart purchase. It is not necessarily sexual and no real animals are involved. They wear leather masks shaped as dogs, have butt plug tails, leash, etc. A tag is only necessary if a puppy is owned. You would not where a tag if you weren’t. Essentially you are a stray, hoping someday to be “adopted”. Remember that these are pack animals and in any group like that, one will generally  take on the alpha role! So imagine going to a party, filled with a group of men enjoying puppy play. There may be some dog fights but not the kind that the police need to be involved, unless of course they are into it then I say, go for it!

I am continually amazed at how many types/versions of BDSM are out there. To say that you are into S&M, isn’t enough. You have to be more specific.There is the dominant one, who would be the owner/trainer and then the pup. This is where the link is to S&M but instead of the sub in the traditional sense, they  let go/escape the human part of it and take on the puppy role. Go with their animal instincts. The pup lives in the moment and cares only about what is around them, within their eyesight. They don’t eat dog food! That part isn’t true. I mean how bad can it be? Not at all. There is the excitement of when the owner comes home. The kisses, the petting, the treats, the unconditional love, the tail wagging and of course, licks on the cheek, cuddling.  It isn’t about humiliation, although if your puppy is not behaving, naturally he needs to be reprimanded and corrected. Positive reinforcement is key in training. If you find that your pup is really difficult to train, you may need to invest in a shock collar. You will place it on their thigh, never their neck. You must never be cruel to animals and I think PETA would support me completely on that!

puppy play puppy play4

Think this is something you might want to try? First you need to stop at your local pet store.  Grab a dog bowl, possibly a cage if you plan on crate training, a leash, collar, tag and toys of course! Puppies need toys! A muzzle can also be helpful as well since that eliminates the possibility of the puppy slipping up and talking like a human. Online would be the best place to purchase a dog hood. Call me crazy but I am pretty sure the local Petsmart doesn’t carry those. It is also a good idea to invest in mitts. Something to put on the pups/dogs hands to prevent them from utilizing their fingers.  Are you worried about the time involved with teaching your puppy behaviors? You can always hire a trainer. It is their specialty and they know how to deal with everything from an alpha dog to a timid brand new puppy. No! They do not actually potty outside. Seriously?… That would be silly!

Feeling intrigued but nervous? Try an experiment. Get on all fours and bark, just start barking. How does that feel? The great thing about puppy play is there really isn’t any pain involved. It is a lot of affection, primal love and never embarrassment. Ever see an embarrassed dog? Me either!

As with any type of play it is important that there is a bond, a trust, between you/master and your pup/dog. A pup wants to feel protected.  It will be your job to keep them safe. That is the only way they can completely immerse themselves in this play. There are some that find this sexually exciting as well. The master and puppy, the collar and muzzle, the worship of the owner. This can be a turn on for many and will lead to sex, and that’s great as well. I know many a man who once hearing a woman meow at them the first time got rock hard and would do anything at that point for the kitty.

I must stress that you/a stranger, should always take caution approaching one of these puppies/dogs. It is usually easier with puppies since they are more playful but with the older dogs, always ask the owner if it is okay to pet them. If they growl at you then leave them alone. We all have those days and you gotta respect that.

Go into this with both eyes open. Puppy training isn’t always easy. You will need to deal with barking, whining and possibly have to invest in a chastity device. There is nothing more embarrassing than having company over and your pup/dog starts humping their leg.




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