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Playing Supermodel in Parking Lot | Sunset Blvd.

Time for my Part 2,Saturday Night with my gfs. We decided to meet for a few drinks at a new place to start. One of those Sunset Blvd.places where there is no sign outside telling you the name of it, just a few high price sports cars strategically parked out front.We enjoyed a little gossip at the bar for awhile and decided to move on.As we walked to the valet,I busted out laughing.There parked beside the Ferrari,Bentley and Lambo was my Mustang,with the magnets on the door promoting my site,a QR Code window cling on,handcuffs hanging from the mirror,license plate promoting my site. It was hysterical.As we were getting into the car I overheard this guy looking at my plate and saying,”See!You only see this stuff in LA.I love it” Haha!Little did he know I was raised in a city about 3 hours away from where he lives.Crazy is all over,thank you very much.Next stop..Rainbow.Love that place.You can smell the history it has,what a crowd.

A man shouted out how much he loved the boots, got flirty with my gf.

Someone Stole Our Pink And White RosesTwo Girls Smelling Pink Roses

He was walking to his car, parked in a red zone so right there I knew, he could be a big shot or he thought he was a big shot.Chatted a bit,I am always promoting so gave him business cards.He said he would return,and to our surprise,he did.He gave my one friend a red rose and us,pink & white.Gee,I wonder who he liked. We drank,met other concert junkies like me,swapped stories and danced. I noticed on the dance floor that whenever I was taking a picture the man would hide his face. It was strange. I then found out that he was giving different names to us. His story kept changing but he did make it clear to my one friend, he could make you well known if he chose to.Whatever! You picked the wrong girl! He found that out real quick but then..oh no ! Someone stole our two pink & white roses! Can you believe it? I immediately reported it to security,letting them know that it was obviously a racially motivated crime. They never took the red rose!Bastards!For some reason they looked at me strangely. Such a fun night.I was serenaded by the street guy..given a shirt from “what’s his name”and enjoyed yummy scooby snacks.I just love my gfs.

Playing Supermodel in the Parking Lot

We ended the evening playing supermodel in the parking lot.It was an interesting area,lots of late night urinating going on.Did we ever find out the story on”what’s his name”?Nope.Got an email but I said I wouldn’t answer unless I knew his name,I’m weird that way.Not another word.Guess he realized that we were not the kind of women he was used to.I don’t need any man to exploit me.I think I am doing a pretty decent job of it all on my own!And having a blast doing it!

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