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How High Should I Jump by R. Milton Quibner

Author of How High Should I Jump

Author of How High Should I Jump

Take a look at this man in the picture. Who do you think he is? Surgeon? Professor? Retired? What do you think he likes to do in his free time? Sail? Golf? Strip Clubs? One of the things in life I would love to do is eliminate judging, assuming based on appearance. At times I deliberately take stereotype to the extremes. I want to show people that they should never think they know a person until they actually know a person. Everyone has a story, just like everyone has fantasies. Everyone daydreams, some crave even more. Let me introduce you to Milton.

Now everyone knows that I like things out of the norm. Keeps life interesting. Everyone knows at times I have a tendency to be sarcastic. This gentleman is the “messiah” of satire. His writing will not be for everyone. Newlyweds, possessive men, people who ride the political correct wave and never go out the zone.. this book is not for you. An open mind is required and a sense of humor. Women must not let their low self-esteem pop up and assume or take any of it personally. Men, especially the really weak and naive, this is a satire, not “The Rules”.

There are a gazillion books out there but very few can take you to multiple analogies and make you question everything. This book has so many levels to it. It is up to you which one you take. He is presenting a world where things are a bit turned around. The male/female roles are switched. Real life is turned around but it is intriguing and funny.

I was told that many men these days do not know how to deal with today’s woman. She is strong and knows she can live without them. She doesn’t need them for financial security or emotional support. Shit..she can go buy some sperm if she wants to have a baby. They don’t know what to do. Well, this is a glimpse at an approach that I have found out, is the norm in some gay relationships. I guess it could also be the norm in a S & M relationship. It could be the way a woman deep down really wants a relationship to be like, cause it isn’t too bad! It is a fun play on people and relationships. It is meant for entertainment. Milton does not hate women. His wife did not cheat on him. He just likes to play with what he sees in the world and if you are open to that, this is the book for you. No prince on a horse, no death at the end. You ever notice that is the best love stories someone has to die? I believe it’s because if they both stay alive, they will become the typical couple and be annoyed with each other, even hate each other. It’s not a love story unless one dies. Death makes love romantic? How fucked up is that? Well just think about that when you read his book, because we are the fuel that feeds his fire.

I could go into his background but honestly you would need a dictionary for it. You can go to the website and see for yourself. It is available on Amazon and not a great gift for a wedding. Trust me, I showed one couple, they were disgusted. I thought it was funny. Of course I am completely full of BS so..

A Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today's Woman by Milton Quibner

A Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today’s Woman by Milton Quibner

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