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Peppermint Peckers

Purchased at Touch of Romance/Con Rev

Peppermint Peckers

Peppermint Peckers

Okay..if you know me at all you know I always have a container of these in my purse. I just LOVE them! From a practical standpoint, I have this chronic dry mouth problem so for me THEY ARE MEDICALLY NECESSARY! From a fun standpoint, I love the expression that people get when I casually offer them a breath mint. As soon as they take a good look at it they realize…of course, I point out that they are sugarfree, long lasting and a lot less messy than having any other kind of pecker in your mouth. There is no pressure to take the whole thing. You could just have the tip or the nuggets. I don’t know why but a few days ago I blurted that word out and it stuck. These peckers are always refreshing. They also last along time! HeHe! (No comment). Lastly I have never experienced lock jaw while consuming one of these. My ultimate joy is when a male realizes what it is. The fact that most of them won’t even put them in their mouth, like it’s a real penis. Cracks me up.

One asked me if it was laced with something. Like I was sitting in my house, creating these candies, throwing a date rape drug in them. Perfect way to score! NOT! Then there are the ones who put it in their mouth all determined and saying “look at me! I’m not afraid!”. Some even bite it. Such rebels! Ahhh…you complex men. You do make things at times quite entertaining! I would like to point out also, that I believe I have, all on my own, make these peckers totally popular, because everytime I go to buy them they are always sold out now and it’s frustrating! Thankfully, has my number so they gave me a heads up when new stock arrived. Thank you T of R! For recognizing the loyal consumers. I LOVE PEPPERMINT PECKERS!


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