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Be More Specific When You Ask For Rubber!

FETISH? Not quite. He just wants to be a doll. No, not Ken. Not Barbie. Don’t waste your money on that Barbie jeep.


What is your first impulse when you imagine men dressing up to be women? It isn’t a sexual turn on so rule that out. Their mommies didn’t fail to breast feed them long enough and no, they aren’t gay.

They really are not any different than what you would think. He is a happy and content family man. Actually pretty vanilla in the sack. He didn’t play with barbies as a child. He had posters taped all over his walls of swim suit models. Yes, maybe a bit of an introvert. By no means a player. He was a regular guy, holding down a regular job, working 9-5 and coming home to a wife and kids. He isn’t kinky. He isn’t a freak. He is your neighbor who seems a bit secluded on weekends and keeps his bushes untrimmed.



Female maskers are not what you think. Most seem to have been loners and never thought they would ever be the guy to get the hot girl. They aren’t resentful about it. It’s like a fantasy that they know isn’t real. It seems to derive from their teen years. This thought about somehow becoming that fantasy (although their are some who want to be nasty girls, no surprise there) so they try to come up with ways to do it. At some point they discover they are not alone. They They get to know others who are the same. They see that they are not alone. It is generally a hidden love, and a very expensive one as well. We are talking thousands of dollars and there is mainly one distributor.

Right now you are thinking about some guy in Las Vegas creating these things. That is not at all who this community bows down to. It is this tight knit family in the bible belt of Florida, the Ramos family. The dad had a cabinet company that sadly went under. This is his creation. He is no longer alive but his family has carried on. The mom and kids all continue to make these suits and continue to try to improve upon them. Every one of them is unique, made to order. What color skin do you want? What size breasts? How dark would you like the nipples? Germany is their number one in sales and they prefer a dark brown nipple. Would you like the cherry popper vagina? It’s silicone and you can go swimming in it. The basic package includes the suit, implants, vag/thigh padding and a pouch kit. That will cost you $1,800.


These are straight men who are harmless and generally hide it from everyone in shame. They are just as nervous as some other women on what to wear. Does this look good? What do you think? They take pictures of themselves. In fact, that is what most do. That is it. Nothing else. Is it like being a mime or dressing up for Halloween. One man states that he would rather see this beautiful woman in the mirror instead of himself. Is this any different than those people who dress up for festivals? Being honest, most people out in the world, walking around in their real skin are fake. Isn’t this more honest? Let me introduce you to this lively 70 yr old successful man who lives in Orange County in a mansion.

He is finally “coming out of the doll house”. After attending his first Rubber Doll Convention, he became more comfortable. He would take picture after picture of himself in his multitude of fem-skins and faces. He loved not seeing himself, a 70 yr old man in the mirror and instead, seeing a hot woman. This is what made him want to come home. He knew she was there. There are a few that like wearing their fem-skins out. They liked the attention. They never got it before. Robert decided to take a huge step. Looking at his age, why not? He got himself all together and took the plunge. He drove down to Newport Beach and dared himself to walk the pier. Do you know what happened? Not one thing bad. Sure, people asked questions. They wanted to touch his boobs, even I get asked that all the time. They all saw it as harmless. It’s not like he chose the Chucky doll or went in the American Girl direction. He felt like it was a dream. He couldn’t believe it. It was exciting and he saw his world change right in front of him into a even more glorious place. He was floating. Can you imagine? It’s been awhile since I have walked down any street and felt a new sense of optimism and hope. He got that. I’m thinking that was what he was looking for his whole life. He probably told himself inside multiple reasons why he didn’t “deserve” or wasn’t “special” enough. Gotta be amazing, even at 70, to finally have that feeling.


You just gotta take the plunge. Screw worrying about what everyone else thinks. When he did what made him happiest, his life became all he wished for.

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