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Valentine’s Date 4 Hire

Valentine’s Day got you worried? Not sure how you are going to pull it off with all those couples invites? I have the perfect solution! It’s a new service I started called “Dream Date For Hire”.

Our Current Dates Available For Hire:

Your Valentines Date

Your Valentines Date

As you can see..we only hire professionals. We want you to feel confident that she will fit in, regardless of the event. Perhaps, it is a mass at church or a fine dining restaurant..even a picnic with wine and cheese.

We do an in depth background search and psychological testing. We also want to make sure she can do well in group situations. Someone you can feel comfortable introducing your parents to. We want her to represent a girl next door, who enjoys gatherings but understands responsibility and behaving appropriately. Someone your dad will love.

As you can see by the above photographs, she is exactly who you want to have as your escort on Valentine’s Day. It will keep all the constant questioning..”You still not dating? Any chance of grandchildren ever? Are you ever going to get married? Do you like women?” from ruining your evening.

We have other members but want to highlight our most qualified.

If interested please contact us as soon as possible. With these kind of members, they won’t last long.

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